Things That Make Us Happy in Winter, by Two Weird Ladies

Winter sucks right?  Right.  Well to combat those winter blues, Two Weird Ladies have compiled a list of things that have made us happy while we combat seasonal affective disorder.

1. Charleston, SC

We were lucky enough to go to Charleston in January to perform at the 10th annual Charleston Comedy Festival.  Not only did we get to perform two insanely fun shows, but we also got the benefit of:

Warm Weather – It was like spring had arrived and was turning into summer.  The Thursday of the festival it was 23 degrees Celsius outside!

$1 Beers – Mandy enjoyed this very much, as all festival performers were able to purchase beers at Theatre 99 (Charleston’s home for improv comedy) for the low low price of a buck!

Festival Showcase – We were asked by the festival organizers to perform a sketch at the Festival All-Star Showcase, which closed out the fest.  That was exciting in itself, but afterwards we found out that Michael Ian Black saw our sketch and laughed!

And finally, THIS!


We got to Charleston and what should we see, but the cover of the Charleston City Paper featuring our wonderful photo from Fringe, taken by Kevin Thom!

2.  Writing New Material

With the craziness of 2012 behind us, we decided it was time to buckle down and stop using our Broadway Musical sketch every time we got asked to do a show.  So over the past month or so we have written a bunch of new material that we’ve started to test out!  Characters may include eccentric innkeepers, fired businessmen, and Laura being crazy.  And you can check out most of this new material at…

3.  The Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival

That’s right!  Two Weird Ladies will be performing two shows at this year’s Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival.  Check out more information here, and if you can’t wait that long to see us, come and check out The SiriusXM Sketch-Off, this Saturday at Comedy Bar!  More details can be found here, or by checking out the Facebook event.

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