The official auction list! Meet the ways you can be part of our Fringe show.

This Wednesday at Comedy Bar, Two Weird Ladies bid farewell to our artistic integrity as we sell off name-drops in our Fringe show and programme for petty amounts of cash in Two Weird Ladies Sell Out! (Their artistic integrity. There are still hundreds of tickets available.) A Fringe Fundraiser and Auction.

Check out the lists below and ponder what you’d like to bid on!

Names and Places we’re auctioning off…
The girl whose underwear were put in the toilet
The guy who got banged in the bathroom at prom
A whore-faced-bride (we call your mom a whore, too!)
A lame groom
A Grade 12 science nerd
The guy who had a rat tail in Grade 3
The person who refused to be Laura’s sketch partner
The cool girl who throws a kegger
The cool guy with an in-ground pool
A guy who has loud sex on weeknights
The high school math teacher
A hideous guy who doesn’t want to date us (x2)
A VIP-only club
The local high school

Also up for bid…
THREE chances to be thanked in our program! If bids get high enough, we’ll thank you for something specific! (ie, Douglas McSanderson for bailing us out of prison.)

A CAMEO at one of our Fringe performances!

All bids start at $2 and the highest bidder gets creative control. You can use your own name or the name of someone you know (as long as they’d think it’s fun and you’re not being mean about it…). Let’s be honest, a vast majority of us will never achieve any fame. This could be the one chance you get for people to feel delight at the sound of your name. Ever.

We’re raising money for Two Weird Ladies Bomb The Fringe as we want to ensure we can afford to pay all the amazing people who are lending us their talents. Also, we thought it would be fun to include people from the community in our sketches.

And don’t forget we’ve got sketch comedy from British Teeth, improv from 2-Man No-Show, standup from Joel Buxton, hip hop from Wordburglar and character monologuing from Danz Altvater. And buttons for sale. BUTTONS!

9pm, $5, 945 Bloor Street West. See you there for your chance to sell yourself out for Fringe by helping us sell ourselves out for cash!

Two Weird Ladies Button

Cover up stains on your clothing while supporting Two Weird Ladies!

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