The biggest reason not to vote for Rob Ford

The biggest reason not to vote for Rob Ford is that he is not a sketch troupe, and thus not qualified to win the NOW Magazine Reader’s Choice Award for Best Sketch Troupe. Oh – you assumed we were talking about the municipal election? Sorry!

Alright, we totally tricked you into reading this. But at this point, if you don’t follow the below instructions and nominate us for Best Sketch Troupe, this will have been a waste of your time. We suggest you make this a productive experience by doing the following:

1.    Click this link
2.    Click “nominate”
3.    Under “Name” write “Two Weird Ladies”
4.    Skip address & telephone number
5.    Under “Website” write “”
6.    Under “Why” write whatever you wish

Thank you!

We will be releasing our line of collector bobbleheads shortly. Mandy’s head bobbles when Laura slaps it in the face.

Two Weird Ladies


3 Responses to The biggest reason not to vote for Rob Ford

  1. because you tricked me, I will NEVER nominate you and I will alert the 10,000 readers of my sketch comedy blog to do the same. Good day.

      • No way man, the tricking thing really hurt my feelings. I take my news very seriously and this was an rather inconvenient detour to say the least. I can’t continue this exchange until a full written apology is received.

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