Selling out our Fringe show before anyone has bought tickets

As much as Two Weird Ladies love each other, sometimes we think it would be swell if our friends could be part of our shows, too. Then we think how it would be even more swell if our friends gave us money. Then we sit down and concoct a scheme by which we can profit off of people we know while making them feel loved and included.

Two Weird Ladies have combined our lack of respect for our own artistic integrity with Mandy’s love of namedropping to create an exciting opportunity for YOU to have your name incorporated into one of our scenes while helping us pay for our Fringe shows (expenses estimated at nearly $4,000). On Wednesday, June 20th, come to Comedy Bar for
Two Weird Ladies Sell Out! (Their Artistic Integrity. There are still hundreds of tickets available.) A Fringe Fundraiser and Auction, where we’ll be auctioning off name-drops in our Fringe show Two Weird Ladies Bomb The Fringe. Starting at just $2, you can bid to be known as characters such as a detested bride, the guy who got banged in the bathroom at prom, the coolest girl in high school, a Grade 12 science nerd, the loser whose underpants were flushed down the toilet, the boy who had a rat tail in Grade 3 – and more!

In case your name has stage fright, we’ll also be auctioning off things like references to towns and schools, plus thanks in our program and even the possibility of an on-stage cameo!

But as much as we want to simply rip the money out of your supportive hands, we thought we might as well be nice and offer you some high quality performances to watch amidst the auction. The night will feature sketch by British Teeth, improv by 2-Man No-Show, standup by Joel Buxton, character comedy by Danz Altvater and hip hop by Wordburglar. These are all people we really respect as comedians and guarantee you will enjoy their performances. Please note that is NOT a money-back guarantee. We will be keeping every cent we get from you.

Two Weird Ladies will be hosting the auction alongside our Professional Director, Kirsten Gallagher. We will all look very pretty.

The fun takes place at Comedy Bar – 945 Bloor Street West, west of Ossington – on Wednesday June 20th at 9pm. It’s just $5 to get in. Please bring some friends, place some bids and be part of our show! Especially if you’re really cool and saying your name on stage will make the audience really impressed that we know you.

Facebook event be here.

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