Millions of shows coming up! (and by ‘millions’ we mean ‘five’)

Two Weird Ladies are excited about Fringe but just can’t wait until July to get on stage and show off how funny and pretty and smart we are. So we booked a bunch of shows so we could be the centre of attention and so you would have somewhere to go.

This week we have shows four nights in a row! Tuesday June 12th you can catch us at Pageant Feathers (Imperial Pub, 8:30, PWYC). We’re playing alongside British Teeth, 2-Man No-Show, Babysitter and Matt McCready.

Wednesday June 13th  we’re pleased to be part of Laugh Through This (Black Swan, 7:30, PWYC) hosted by Danz Altvater and Moniquea Marion. Other great acts include Stacey McGunnigle, 2 Hoots a the Helm, Shirley Cuschieri, Jaclyn Fleming, Liz Jukovsky, Dani Alon and Shirley Cuschieri, PLUS there’s an improv jam for all the ladies in the house.

Thursday June 14th  is a huge night for us as it’s our turn to compete with 48 other troupes for a slot in the Toronto Improv Festival and $480. Sketch Com-Ageddon is back and at 9:30 at Comedy Bar we’re up against Vest Of Friends, Warm Summer Hotness, The Whiskey Dicks, You Monster, Brain Drops and Ladies of The Sketchersons. For just $8 you get to enjoy all these troupes then vote for us. For $12 you can also catch the 8:00 show, at which we’ll let you vote for whoever you want. We’d really appreciate anyone who comes out and gives us their votes!

Friday June 15th  at 6:00 we’re doing a totally free 30-minute set at the Scadding Court Farmer’s Market! Stop by the Dundas St West/Bathurst area, buy some fresh local organic free-range eggs and watch us flail around on a patch of grass or wherever they stick us.

If you want to support us but don’t want to see us do sketch until our Fringe show, your best bet is to come to Two Weird Ladies Sell Out! (Their Artisitic Integrity. Hundreds of tickets are still available.) A Fringe Fundraiser and Auction. Wednesday June 20th we’re auctioning off creative content in our sketches. You can bid to have your name mentioned in a sketch, get thanked in our program, or even have a cameo in our show! We’ve also got amazing acts from Danz Altvater, Joel Buxton, 2-Man No-Show, Wordburglar and British Teeth. Just $5 gets you into the Comedy Bar main space and all bids start at just $2. We’d love your support. And your money.

And then, of course, there’s Fringe. Check out our Upcoming Shows tab for all the dates and times as well as further info on all the shows mentioned above.

We expect you to come to all of our shows. All of them.

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