Make this sketch garbage worth our time.

In high school, I once cracked open a fortune cookie to find a slip of paper that read “Your hard work will soon pay off.” I stuck this in the clear spine pocket of my Canadian Improv Games binder and looked at it at least 14 times a day as a reminder that the hours my team spent rehearsing for shows, excessive number of Excel spreadsheets I had created to organize our scenes, and unhealthy volume of fortune cookies we had ingested (we were using these fortunes as a way to get a suggestion) would all pay off once we were on stage, so long as people laughed.

Later I realized that this fortune had been wasted. Yes, I had done a lot of work, but it wasn’t hard; it was fun. And I only created four hundred spreadsheets and rehearsed for nine hundred hours because I was having a blast. There was no way this “work” could not pay off, because it was one of the most joyous and important times of my life. Perhaps I should have put this fortune in the spine of my chemistry binder, as I was terrible at chemistry and did have to work quite hard at it. Though, let’s be honest – that hard work never would have paid off. It just would have made the class a bigger waste of my time.

So that brings me to today, when Two Weird Ladies have been nominated for Best Sketch Troupe as part of the NOW Magazine Reader’s Poll. Our nomination probably has more to do with the number of aunts and uncles we have with Internet access than it has to do with any “hard work” on our part, but that’s not to say we have not worked like crazy on our sketches, Fringe shows, festival sets and writing really smart and enlightening content for this blog. We’ve funned hard, or worked funly, or something. We get to go on stage wearing Winnie the Pooh bed sheets over our heads or plastic moustaches under our noses, flail around, yell a bunch of garbage and maybe slap each other in the face, all while being years older than our mothers were when they were married, owned a home, and had numerous babies. We hope they’re proud.

We were surprised and pleased to discover we had been nominated for Best Sketch Troupe. Please vote for us and make the hours we have spent rehearsing for shows, excessive number of Excel spreadsheets I have created to organize our scenes, and unhealthy volume of liquor we have ingested pay off. Because that’s why we do sketch – to win stuff.

1) Go to this link:

2) Click on “Two Weird Ladies”

3) Click on “Cast Vote” button at the bottom

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