Fun Two Weird Ladies Sketchfest Facts!

The Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival starts this Thursday, with Two Weird Ladies billed as one of the first acts to perform. In honour of this momentous occasion, we’re bringing you some fun facts about Two Weird Ladies and Sketchfest! Okay, the facts aren’t actually that fun, but we’re desperate for web content.

• Two Weird Ladies formed AT Sketchfest! Mandy and Laura were both volunteering with the festival in 2010 (Laura was also performing as part of her former troupe, Warm Summer Hotness). One minute they were wearing matching Steam Whistle shirts at the back of the Comedy Bar main space, the next minute (well, reasonably, probably more like 28 minutes later) they had formed a duo that would change the face of sketch comedy and the faces of the sketch comedians (they slap each other a lot).

Sketchy, Laura's Sketchfest kitten. If you love kittens, you'll love Sketchfest.

If you love kittens, you’ll love Sketchfest.

• Laura’s cat, Sketchy, is named after Sketchfest. Laura chose her kitten from a Kijiji ad and picked him up on the last day of Sketchfest in 2010. Laura was so excited to have finished her first run at Sketchfest, she immortalized the event in her cat. Also, he was born to some homeless whore cat under a priest’s back deck in Parkdale, which was all a bit sketchy.

• Meg Maguire, official Sketchfest stage manager at Lower Ossington Theatre, also teched Two Weird Ladies’ Fringe show Two Weird Ladies Bomb the Fringe in 2012. She is the official understudy for both Laura and Mandy, and has given them valuable direction in the past, such as “slap each other harder!”

• At the end of their first Sketchfest show last year, Laura and Mandy lay dead* on stage until the entire audience left. (*Don’t worry. They weren’t really dead.)

• The first year Two Weird Ladies applied to Sketchfest they did not get in. After receiving hundreds of letters from outraged citizens, the Sketchfest team did the right thing and accepted Mandy and Laura into the festival in 2013. Also, Mandy and Laura had a significantly better submission tape in 2013. Also, all the letters of outrage were from Mandy and Laura.

If you love beer, you'll love Sketchfest.

If you love beer, you’ll love Sketchfest.

• Laura’s sister is getting married at Steam Whistle, and Steam Whistle is a sponsor of Sketchfest, so Laura and Sketchfest are basically sisters in law. Assuming Sketchfest is female. And assuming any form of reasonable logic does not apply to this scenario.

• Two Weird Ladies attended the Sketchfest fundraiser for the first time this year because they realized they both have jobs and could afford to spend $30.

• At said fundraiser, Laura ate more free meat than Mandy and Mandy drank more $5 beers than Laura.

• Two Weird Ladies’ props at last year’s Sketchfest included a ukulele, a Winnie the Pooh bed sheet, a Chevy Chase face taped to a paper towel roll and a Blue Jays Home Opener rally towel safety pinned to a metal hanger. Their budget was $2.

If you love paper towel rolls, you'll love Sketchfest.

If you love paper towel rolls, you’ll love Sketchfest.

• This year, Two Weird Ladies play Thursday March 6th at 8pm at Lower OssingtonTheatre with troupes LadyBusiness and Cupid Players, then on Thursday March 13th at 8pm at Comedy Bar with troupes Rulers of the Universe and Kaboom Hooray. They are also part of the Cabaret Series, playing the “Best Crime Sketch” show on Friday, March 7th and the “Best Closer” show on Sunday, March 16th. Both shows are 8:30pm at Comedy Bar. They’re also part of Teh Internets Quiz Show (sic) on Friday, March 14th, 10pm at Comedy Bar and will be part of the improv set following the Second City main stage show on Saturday, March 15th.

That last fact was boring, but this post was mostly a trick to get you to come see these shows, so we hope you understand.

Sketchfest runs March 6th – 16th 2014 at Comedy Bar and Lower Ossington Theatre. Visit for the full lineup, information on workshops and panels and to buy tickets.

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