Fringe-ness OR The Fringe Festival Guide for Busy Business Women

One year ago today, we opened our first full-length sketch revue, Two Weird Ladies Bomb The Fringe, at the 2012 Toronto Fringe Festival.  Not only did we develop the skills required to put a full show together, but we also learned some real tricks for how to enjoy the Fringe Festival.  As busy business women who are also responsible for last year’s Fringe sleeper hit*, we wanted to share some tips on how a busy business woman (or, in some cases, business MAN) can Fringe to its full potential.

  1. Book a lot of “doctor” appointments | If you work downtown and have a sympathetic boss, this is the best option outside of using precious vacation days or quitting your job in order to see shows.  With most Fringe shows clocking in at a cool 50-55 minutes, it’s easy as pie to slip out for a “specialist” appointment and get back in time to send thirty acronym-filled emails before quitting time.  Your boss may think you have a fatal disease, but most HR policies preclude them from asking outright.
  2. Take conference calls while in line for a show | A lot of business these days is conducted via employees who telecommute (formal definition: commuting through your telephone), so you can conduct business and make bags of money for your organization from virtually anywhere!  Take advantage of the long and boring lines at the Fringe venues to broker that deal, launch that new product or have a one-on-one with your boss.  If they ask about the background noise, plead ignorance and say there must be an issue with the phone line.
  3. Wear a silky blouse and impressive slacks to every show | Banana Republic and Jacob exist for one reason, and that’s to get you noticed.  Whether it’s walking down Bay Street or into the Tarragon Main Space to see Radio :30 (it’s really good, read the review and get tickets here) a crisply ironed blouse says “I’m a business woman.  I am busy and important so get out of my way unless you are planning on buying me a drink.”  Take advantage of your hotness and sit in a reserved seat, or scream “I have business to attend to!” once the show has finished in order to exit the venue first and get back to what you do best, BUSINESS. Also do this on the weekends when you aren’t working (although let’s be honest, when AREN’T you working?).
  4. Schedule a team outing to catch a must-see play | Most of your co-workers are probably middle-aged divorcees who hang off your every word, given that you are likely the coolest person they know.  Use this to your advantage, and suggest a team event to that 5-star show.  They get to tell their square friends how hip they are, and you get to leave work early and put that round of drinks at the pub afterwards on your company credit card.
  5. When out and about, reply to emails using your trusty Blackberry | …JUST KIDDING!  Who has a Blackberry anymore?!?  Seriously, if people ask why it took you so long to reply tell them there was a network issue that seemed to affect only your computer.

Happy Fringing and see you at the Fringe Club!


* Only Mandy says this.

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