A stunning VIEW

One thing we have learned during the Toronto and Hamilton Fringe Festivals is that, when producing a sketch comedy revue, it is not only important to be funny but also to be stunningly beautiful. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt if you have a great photographer like Kevin Thom do your promo shots. Yes, this is us on the cover of Hamilton’s weekly VIEW Magazine. This cover page will hang proudly on our parents’ walls and will undoubtedly be used by strangers as tinder in their Algonquin Park fire pits or to wrap their shot glasses as they hastily pack after a terrible breakup. As this is only a few degrees away from us being on the cover of The Rolling Stone, we are going to cherish this moment, which may very well be the height of our comedy career (which is actually something we do in addition to our actual careers. You know – the ones that pay us more than $60 annually).

Here’s what VIEW had to say about Two Weird Ladies Bomb The Fringe in Hamilton:
“This high energy comedy duo belong on a stage. Both girls were afraid of nothing, never broke from their performance, and kept surprising the audience with new formats for their writing. Laura Salvas and Mandy Sellers’ show is good old-fashioned sketch comedy, with some clever recurring themes and a finishing concept that brought the show together. They vary the experience through song, voice, characterization and movement – all exceptionally well done. Their inexhaustible energy combined with how truly funny their writing is made for a fantastic time. They have intelligent thoughts beneath their comedy and they completely fill the stage with presence and talent. Outstanding!” – Katie Penrose

Thank you, Katie Penrose! You have made us feel funny, pretty and smart. Which is really the main reason we do this thing – our constant need for validation. We aren’t just in it for the $60 per annum.

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